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About us

The idea that has always guided our company is to build beautiful and design environments brought to the market at an affordable price by focusing on the quality of raw materials, on Made in Italy, and developing virtuous organizational paths long before the now universal concept of democratic design spread.

To achieve this, we have been working with passion and commitment for the past 25 years, investing in all areas that create value: from research and development to logistics, from homogeneous organization to actual production, where the most modern and innovative industrial process has been built to give new splendor to one of the most ancient artifacts of man, ceramics. 

All this is in the belief and awareness that beauty and innovation can grow only in those organizations where the person is at the center and where respect, growth and learning are the true assets that make a difference.


Virginio Vacondio

President and Board Chairman Ceramiche MOMA Spa

Renzo Vacondio

Vice President and CEO Ceramiche MOMA Spa

President and CEO Savoia Italia Spa

CEO Herberia Spa



Giovanni Vacondio

CEO Ceramiche MOMA Spa

President and CEO Herberia Spa

CEO Savoia Italia Spa

President ARPA Spa

Giuseppe Verdi

CEO Ceramiche MOMA Spa

CEO Herberia Spa


Bruno Migliorini

CEO Ceramiche MOMA Spa


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